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July 2022  ★★★★★


We had 2 truck loads of water delivered for our pool. Jimmy was wonderful. Our whole experience was great. Will always use h2o to go for our water delivery needs.

Leslie Wright

July 2022  ★★★★★


We messaged about filling our pool last night, the reply was prompt and to the point. Less than 24 hours from when I messaged - the job was completed. He was at our house early this morning and filled our pool for us - he had the job done in less than 2 hours. Price was affordable! The service was great! Definitely highly recommend for any water needs.


Shawna Welch

June 2022  ★★★★★


These guys are always a pleasure to work with. They are fast and professional. We have them fill our pool every year around this time and it's on a call em and there and show up never a wait always wanna take care of customers.

John Long

June 2022  ★★★★★


H2O to Go are amazing! They have saved us so many times!! Water is big business these days, and the drivers are booked solid through the summer. We rely on delivered water for drinking, bathing, and living. Sometimes we need to have water delivered asap, & H2O to Go and their beyond friendly staff go the extra mile to get water for my family. They are professional, dependable, and extremely fair. They have never missed an appointment, and have squeezed us in on many occasions. No need to look any further, H2O to Go, are the best the Rogue Valley has to offer, and I am happy to recommend them to you!!!


Dian Nygren

May 2022  ★★★★★


I would highly recommend H2o to go water services! Jimmy is the best ever !We had an emergency situation with our well running dry on a Sunday afternoon and Jimmy came out within 35 minutes!! I highly recommend them for sure! look no further go to H2O water supply to meet your needs ! They are the best in town!

Debbie Cutter

June 2022  ★★★★★


Incredible company, accommodating, friendly, prompt and worked so well with our pool company to coordinate water delivery. They were friendly and all around incredible people! We will always use H2O To Go!

Annie Blanchard

July 2022  ★★★★★


Great customer service, pricing and couldn’t recommend a better company.

Adam Willam

July 2020  ★★★★★


They were efficient, courteous, fair and professional. There is nothing else you can ask for.

Every year I considered hiring someone to fill the pool but imagined it to be too much hassle or money. They made it easy, cheap and were sweet with my kiddo while they did it. I will use this company every year from here on out.

Kristina Reineke

March 2022  ★★★★★


Always there when they say they're coming

Robert Hikey

July 2018  ★★★★★


They have been great to us. When we first bought our place they stopped by and checked our water tank on their own. And have been very quick to respond to our needs. Betty is such a delight to talk to on the phone and very accommodating when we are running low on water. Thanks Betty for being so sweet.

Allan Maust

June 2016  ★★★★★


We've been using H2o for a few months now. The rates are reasonable and the service is fast and dependable. We are located far from town and have a very steep winding driveway that other vendors often complain about. No problem for these guys! I received same day service when our well went out. I'd recommend them!

Karen Owen

September 2021  ★★★★★


I had someone housesitting for me. Which is a bad time time to run out of water. They were very timely. I woukd definitely use them again.

Mike Pihlgren

November 2021  ★★★★★


Very friendly staff. Willing to get you served at anytime! Their prices are competitive.

Autumn Ray

July 2022  ★★★★★


Friendly and professional, wonderful local company. I’ve been using their services for a couple years. Definitely recommend!

Cassie Potts

July 2022  ★★★★★


Solid guys! They took care of me when I was out of water, and quickly at a reasonable rate.

Joseph Gerlach

July 2020  ★★★★★


Great prices, and honest company! I would definitely recommend them for any bulk water needs!

Melanie Manumaleuna

October 2021  ★★★★★


Great water service and a great staff.


August 2020  ★★★★★


Brought water same day during emergency, would recommend again.

Shaun Dirksen

August 2021  ★★★★★


Friendly, quick response and service.

Angela Navarro

July 2021  ★★★★★


Great company. They have delivered to me for a long time.

Justin Sams

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